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Kim Kwoc
United States
Hi, I like webcomics, cartoons, cute things, nsfw, horror/gore, and space. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
I'm genderfluid btw.

art/personal -
( consists of lots of doodles, me talking, and mayb selfies )
ask eridan ampora -


EE | Mermaid Mimuro (AU) by kingkimochi
EE | Mermaid Mimuro (AU)

Ayy just some for fun AU we were throwin around twitter LOL Cos, y'know, always gotta have that obligatory mermaid AU 8'^DD
This started out as a doodle, but... IT GOT A LITTLE OUT OF HAND... I'm a sucker for doin underwater BGs....

Mimuro Kotori belongs to me

+ normal shaded fullbody (35OG)
+ complex BG (15OG) (to mods: tell me if the BG isn't as complex as it should be and I'll edit this if needed to)

EE | A Seashell Crown for Nasurin by kingkimochi
EE | A Seashell Crown for Nasurin

During the Beach Festival, Nasurin competed in the Ruler of the Beach contest for the crown! However, she didn't win with flying colors as she had expected... Though, Mimuro wanted to make it up to her by crafting Nasurin a makeshift seashell crown instead. Meanwhile, Nasurin wanted something that was beautiful and grand, there was only so much he could do with just seashells and beads they had laying around. Not to worry though, because they made it work eventually!

(if you're curious to see, the finished seashell crown looks like this!)

This is a collab between me and noizi!! I did the lineart & BG and izi did the coloring for the characters!
I love these goobers, they're so cute.....

Mimuro Kotori belongs to me
Nasurin Ophelie belongs to noizi

Mimuro & Nasurin (My part of collab 2OOFP + noizi's part of collab 2OOFP) = +4OOFP
+ 2 normal shaded fullbodies (35OGx2) = 7OOG
+ complex BG = 15OG
EE | Swimsuit Meme by kingkimochi
EE | Swimsuit Meme

ye boi mimuro ready for some SWIMMIES, except he can't actually sWIM. So you can just spot him wading in the shallow water-- LFDSJGHH
He's still wearing a shirt because he's pretty self-conscious... <:3c
but that only leads for perfect opportunities to push him into the water for wet t-shirt contests--- LMFAOO B Y E

+ normal shaded half body = 3OOG
+ complex BG = 15OG (for mods: if it's not as 'complex' as it should be, then i'll edit this!)
+ meme bonus = 5OG

EE | Mimuro Kotori by kingkimochi
EE | Mimuro Kotori
Mimuro's full artwork >>

Mimuro's Roleplaying tumblr >>

MEET MY NERD MIMURO. SOME OF YOU MAY KNOW HIM FROM 2011, SOME OF YOU ARE BARELY MEETING HIM. But the important thing is, is that Mimuro's back B^))



{ P R O F I L E }
Name: Mimuro Kotori
Alias: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Swan Hybrid
Height/Weight: 5'8" / Unspecified
Job:  Inn Worker
Birthday: Winter 14th
Orientation: Panromantic-Demisexual

{ G I F T S }
Loved Gifts: Anything chocolate
His face reddens, "WH-- y-you didn't need to get this for me..."
Liked Gifts: Flowers, Coffee, Tea
A grin stretches across his face, "f-for me? This is an unexpected, but pleasant surprise..!"
Disliked Gifts: Scrap ores, Eggs, Shriveled Crops
He eyes the 'gift' warily, "Uh.. H-how.. thought..ful...??"
Hated Gifts: Garbage, Shellfish
He seems hesitant to even touch it, "u-um..."

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }
  • Introverted: Mimuro prefers to keep to himself than go out of his way to talk to people, not that he minds. His own thoughts relax him as talking and keeping up with a conversation with someone for too long tires him out quickly. He also has a tendency to over think things when he talks to others; nitpicking at their words, somehow accidentally twisting the situation around that it something somehow becomes his fault. However, he's trying to work on being a bit more outgoing and spontaneous.
  • Cautious: He's not too much a fighter and would rather like to lay low and out of trouble (unless someone drags him along--who knows.) If he ever gets stirred up in anything, his best tactic would be to play defensive and make a quick escape before things get too messy; fight or flight, you could say. His wariness usually ends up in him stuttering a lot when he talks to others. The more he gets to know you though, the stuttering diminishes and he speaks more casually with you.
  • Selfless: He puts others over himself very much often, sometimes a little too much that he might forget what he was doing originally. Mimuro thinks that it does more worth to do things for others than for yourself, though to a point that it might be unhealthy for himself or maybe even get wound up in some trouble. His selflessness and determination to help others no matter the situation leaves him to be quite naive.
  • Naive: In addition to his drive to help whoever he can, may it be for someone good or bad, Mimuro has also been sheltered for a majority of his young life. This led him to be quite disillusioned about the outside world from beyond the things he have read in books and whatnot that his parents would provide or tell him. As a result, It's quite easy to take advantage of him.
  • Nature-Nerd: When he likes to have some time for himself, Mimuro usually goes out into open nature for nature-jogs and takes the time to intake the earth around him. He likes to study the different kinds of plants that grow out in the woods and the examine the medical purposes behind them. He also enjoys scenery-gazing and flower picking because the different variety of flowers out in the world fascinate him to no end.

{ H I S T O R Y }
     Mimuro lived a fairly simple life as a lone child in a small family. His parents would constantly shelter him and baby him--even to the extent of being a little overbearing-- it kept him naive and unaware of the reality of the outside world. On the rare occasions that his parents would actually let him out, he was constantly harassed for being a hybrid by bullies who were a group of no-good doing humans--having his wings tugged at, feathers pulled out, "are these even real? what a freak!" With that being his only experience with humans at such a young age, it left him scarred and terrified of them for a majority of his youth. As a consequence, Mimuro would have a tendency to avoid them and be somewhat prejudice to humans. Whenever confronted by humans, he immediately becomes nervous and has a hard time trying to catch his words. Wanting to distance himself from people, he goes out into nature to find solace. Going out into nature so much, he found himself fascinated by the environment and studied the plants around him.

    After his childhood passed and a need to breakaway from his overbearing parents, he took an interest in the medical field and moved out to became a nurse at Lucine Island. Meeting the new people there, he eventually warmed up to some of the humans and overcame most of his nearly crippling fear of them. Though, some certain actions or words may have a tendency to trigger him about his past, so sadly he still bears a mild fear of humans. Even though Mimuro was passionate about his studies, he felt he wasn't prepared nor adequate to take on a job such as a full-time nurse, since medical plant studying was a mere hobby for him rather than a dream and quit his job. Abandoning his job, he found himself with nothing to do and needed a fresh start at life again. Upon receiving the offer to move to Toffee Town, it seemed like the perfect time and opportunity to make his restart.

{ E X T R A }
  • Has a weakness for chocolate.
  • Allergic to shellfish.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with bugs.
  • If you give him an egg as gift, he'll think you're making fun of him for being part bird.

{ R P  M E T H O D S / A V A I L A B I L I T Y }
 Script or Lit. is fine; in the chats, Skype, Notes, Google Docs, Twitter RP is fine. (I'm willing to try different methods if what I'm doing is what you're not used to!)
EE | UPDATED Mimuro by kingkimochi

Check out his newly updated app here B^) >>

AYY i can't really say this is a "summer" outfit revamp anymore since it's almost over in 'verse cos im as fast as a snail with salt poured on it, so I'm just gonna say this is just a general UPDATE. LMAO


+ normal shaded fullbody (35OG)
+ simple BG (5OG)

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