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Kim Kwoc
United States
Hi, I like comics, cartoons, cute things, nsfw, horror/gore, and space.

art/personal -
( consists of lots of doodles, me talking, and mayb selfies )
ask eridan ampora -


Garnet by kingkimochi
i doodled garnet and I couldn't stop thinking abt that time she did the lil heart hands... IT WAS SO CUTE, i screamed

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2k16 !! by kingkimochi
I forgot to post this here, so it's kinda late WHOOPS
Anyway, I wanted to draw something for the new years and I was also havin' some major tmm nostalgia so... PUDDING!!!
cos' y'know... it's... the year of the monkey... and she's...  A MONKEY... _(:3

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EE | me2: A View to Remember by kingkimochi
EE | me2: A View to Remember

After viewing the moon with a couple of his friends, Mimuro had promised to meet up with Nasurin to view the moon with her as well. He usually would have spent this kind of festival alone, and be satisfied with just that. However, there was something about watching the moon with others that really was a change of pace for him. Though, with just the two of them together instead... the mood was much more different than when he was with the others... Meanwhile the girl beside him comfortably wrapped her arms around him as they admired the night sky, he wondered what exactly made this feel so different.

i bullshitted this hardcore hello

Mimuro & Nasurin (noizi) = +400FP (art and moon viewing bonus)
+ Normal Fullbody CG (2x45OG) = 9OOG
+ Mid Level BG = 15OG
+ Event Bonus = 1OOG
Pkmn Gijinkas Art Dump by kingkimochi
Pkmn Gijinkas Art Dump
I recently revamped a couple pokemon gijinkas of mine into entirely new OCs...! Marley my shiny sylveon is now a yakuza character (who's got a soft spot for cute nick-knacks), and also Nollie my shiny flaaffy who likes to laze around a lot and collect those plush indoor sandals... They're also a good close friend of Marley!
They've been really fun for me to draw lately, so here are quite the handful of doodles I had made for them. I actually have quite a lot planned in store for them, so hopefully you'll get to see more of them soon!
TRICKSTER MODE ENGAGE!! by kingkimochi
It's been a while... LOL eridan and trickster mode will always b my fave things from homestuck, and I kinda felt like doodling it again for funsies :'-))

>> view on tumblr

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IM SUPER sorry to bother you, but do you have any free time? I have opened a contest, and I'm trying to find people whom would enter~!
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I love your work <3 Digging the pastels 
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Hey I'm very sorry to bother you, but I noticed some of your art was put in a youtube video without proper credit (

I just thought you'd like to know.
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Happy Birthday! :D
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I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.:iconbrightfutureplz:
You may fall in the way to reach them,but do not ever give up.Hope is the last one that die.Keep fighting and don't let others decide what path you should follow.Follow your heart and ambitions.
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