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Kim Kwoc
United States
Hi, I like webcomics, cartoons, cute things, horror/gore, space, and food. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
you'll probably see lots of eridan ┐(ᐛ)┌

I'm genderfluid btw.
ps. I talk like an excited 12 year old so expect that LOL

art/personal -
( consists of lots of doodles, me talking, and mayb selfies )
Mimuro Kotori (rp) -
ask eridan ampora -
ask erisol -

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Twelve Forever by kingkimochi
Twelve Forever
I took all the doodles i made for this cartoon pilot and put it together into this LOL
I thought the pilot was pretty cute and has somethin' goin for it, so it'd be interesting to see where it goes!! :-0

You can watch the pilot here >>…
( or on the cartoon network site, here >>… )
star child by kingkimochi
star child
wow its yuni AGAIN-- SRRY it's just fun to doodle her V__V... follow 4 more soft aesthetic...

on tumblr!…
EE | (High School AU) Mimuro by kingkimochi
EE | (High School AU) Mimuro

Mimuro Kotori | 18 | 5'7" | Third Year Senior
- Clubs currently in: Disciplinary Committee
- Lives conveniently within biking distance near Eclair Expresso Academy with both of his parents, who are both quite strict with him and have a tendency to baby him too much. (Leaving him to be a bit spoiled and naive.)
- Hobbies include studying his butt off, gardening, volunteering for community service, making cute bentos, and a sucker for reading romance novels.
- His strongest subjects are biology/science, meanwhile he's particularly weaker in mathematical areas.
- He actually doesn't stand out too much in class, he rarely speaks up unless it's to ask or answer a question.
- Silently admires the students who are more outgoing/"wild" because he admires their charismatic personalities.
- Would most likely do your homework for you just so you could like him.
- Tends to suck up a lot so that people won't hate him or try to start something with him. (He prefers to keep a low profile at school.)
</blockquote>HUFFS-- I'M READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL AU EVERYONE SCREAMSS make him do all ur hw

+ normal shaded halfbody = 3OOG
+ meme bonus = 5OG
+ event bonus = 5OG

EE | Who are you calling a chicken? by kingkimochi
EE | Who are you calling a chicken?

Morgan runs into Mimuro at the Goddess Festival and drags him out to dance on the dance floor! However, it's all fun and games until Morgan accidentally offends his friend's bird hybrid heritage. A scolding from Mimuro was surely to follow up for him...

[ LOG ]

u think the goddess festival is over wELL UR WRONG even after many months later.. LMFAO
This is a lovely collab between me (colors and bg) and Whoodles (lineart) !!
Love these dorks so much ..TT 7 TT

I've already submitted a drawing for this log before so welp (shrugs)

Mimuro & Morgan (erin's side of the collab 2OOFP + log 2OOFP) = +4OOFP
2 normal shaded halfbodies (3OOx2) + complex BG (15OG) + log (~2000 words/2/250*25=100G) = 85OG

Well, I think you're pretty great... by kingkimochi
Well, I think you're pretty great...
screencap redraw of Steven Universe from the Rose's Scabbard episode!! ( except I can't take credit for the background, I just drew over the cap for that LOL )

on tumblr!…

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omg your art is v cute~! q w q, ...and your hair looks really fluffy o w o//shot
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screaming// AHHHHHhhhh Hello! I see you are genderfluid and love cute things and gore too, I hope we can be friends!
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Hello :3
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ty for the watch you've got a rly cute style!
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Thank you very much for the fave!//////

hi kim
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waaaa...............i love your Art so much...........
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RadicalMaiden Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Your art is so.. amazing like omg it's so soft and just pastel and <3
I love it aaaah
h-armonious-murder Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
you are my idol omg
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MoosePrince Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im cryin ur art is so cute n soft looking......
gr8 artstyle omg
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mmomo-chan Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Student
your eridan is amazing, love your new hair color btw!
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